For building resilience against water-related disasters



The International Flood Network (IFNet) was established during the 3rd World Water Forum held in Kyoto in March 2003. IFNet is an international network to promote activities for flood damage mitigation.
IDI-Japan has been serving as the secretarat since the establishment.


  • To reduce loss of life and damage caused by water-related disasters
  • To lead to a safe and sustainable future by promoting policies and activities to break vicious circle of poverty and environmental degradation


  • Sharing water-related disaster information in the world in the website
  • Distributing IFNet Newsletters to the registered members


    As of June 3, 2021, 301 members from 64 countries are registered in IFNet. The members belong to various organizations such as academic institutions, governmental agencies, NGOs, international organizations and private firms.


IFNet is open to anybody who is involved or interested in flood mitigating activities.
Participation is free of charge. IFNet Newsletter is delivered to the members every two months.

Please send the registration form to IFNet secretariat by e-mail:

IFNet secretariat
c/o Infrastructure Development Institute (IDI)
Plaza Edogawa-bashi 3F, 1-23-6 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0014 JAPAN