IFNet Newsletter September 2012 issue
April 26, 2012 / IFNet secretariat


1. MAJOR FLOODS in January and March 2012

Floods in Madagascar
The combined damage of the tropical cyclones Giovanna (January 14th 2012), Irina (March 5th 2012) and heavy rains in the south-east Madagascar left 112 people dead and 133 injured.
-  The majority of roads have already been re-opened to traffic. However, long term rehabilitation work is required in many national roads from now on.
-  35 - 80 % of the agricultural production has been damaged, and around 30,000 people in the eastern coast are likely to be placed under insecure condition for food supply until the next harvest season in May.

(Information at Relief web/UNOCHA)

2. Information on IDI-related activities
2-1 Flood disaster research of the world
(1) Reporting of major floods
-  IDI has been collecting the information on the major floods in the world. In FY2011, 23 flood disasters were reported.
-  Our criteria for reporting death toll are more than 50 in developing countries, and more than 10 in developed countries.
-  World flood map of FY2011 will soon be updated on IFNet website.

(2) Field investigation of major flood sites
-  In FY2011, IDI had sent investigation team to three major flood sites in the world as shown,
         #The Mississippi River, United States
         # Chao Phraya River, Thailand
         # Central Vietnam
-  The main purpose of investigation is to figure out the damage of flood and institutional actions against the disasters.
-  The investigation team had held meetings with representatives of river and disaster management organizations of the subject country.
-  The results of investigation will give useful data and good lessons for establishing river and disaster management policy in Japan.
-  The result of investigation were reported to MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), and will be used at various opportunities such as seminars and technical workshops, etc.
-  Concerning a flood disaster management in Thailand and Vietnam, future cooperation would be explored under the international cooperation scheme.

2-2 Support of organizing the Japan Pavilion at the 6th World Water Forum (WWF6)
-  The World Water Forum (WWF) is being held every 3 years since 1997, which is the worldfs largest meeting in the field of water. Various activities are held such as discussions of water related issues, water-resources management, sewage, water and environmental problems, etc.
-  Based on the contract with MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), IDI had undertaken to support organizing the Japan Pavilion at the 6th WWF from March 12 to 17 in Marseille, France.
-  14 exhibitors from Japan (including ministries, university, public corporations, private companies and else) had held the booths inside the Japan Pavilion.
-  11 groups had held the side-events where technical presentations and discussions were made among the participants.
-  More than 1,000 people visited Japan Pavilion during the WWF6.

-  The Japan Pavilion website (You can download PDF files of posters and presentation materials.)
(URL) http://www.internationalfloodnetwork.org/wwf6_japan_pavilion/

2-3 Support of Training
-  Last year, IDI supported the training courses as shown below:
(1) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) training course
-  In November 2011, IDI supported JICAfs training course gCapacity Development of Policy Making in Climate Change Adaptation in Water Sectorh.
-  6 high-level government officials from Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Bangladesh and Vietnam had participated.
-  To learn policy and useful measures for climate change adaptations in Japan, IDI arranged the lectures from Prof. Koike (The Tokyo University), director of Water and Disaster Management Bureau (MLIT), and JICA.
-  In addition, the participants had made field trips to Edogawa River Office which manage Diversion channel in Tokyo metropolitan area, flood disaster-affected site in Hyogo prefecture, and Rokko Sabo Office.

(2) Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in Japan training course
-  In December 2011, IDI supported TECROfs training course gTechnology for Risk Reduction against Multiple Disaster caused by Climate Changeh. This course had 5 participants from Taiwan.
-  To learn technology for risk reduction in Japan, IDI arranged presentation from deputy director of Water and Disaster Management Bureau (MLIT), researcher of ICHARM (International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management under the auspices of UNESCO).
-  In addition, the participants had made field trips to Takizawa Dam, Water-related Museums, The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, etc.
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