IFNet Newsletter June 2011 issue
July 06, 2011 / IFNet secretariat

MAJOR FLOODS in June 2011

1. Flooding in Japan and China
1-1 Flooding in Southern China
Several rounds of heavy rains in southern China since June 3 have caused  at
least 175 dead and 86 missing, and forced nearly 1.64 million  people to
In the part of Hubei province,  precipitation recorded 300mm within four
hours, a record volume in 200 years.
(Information at Reliefweb/UNOCHA)



1-2 Urban Flooding Problem in Beijing
Heavy rain storm caused flooding and traffic chaos in Beijing, the capital
of China.
Shijingshan district recorded 182mm of  rain fall and at least two people
died because of drowning in the drainage system.
(Information from China Daily)

1-3 Seasonal Rain Front and Typhoon Caused Heavy Rains in  Kyushu and Tohoku
area, Japan
Japan Meteorological Agency has issued  heavy rain warnings / advisories to
Kyushu and Tohoku area.
Heavy rain has already caused a man missing in Kagoshima prefecture of
Kyushu region.
In Tohoku area, affected by Great East Japan Earthquake, inundation damage
is a serious concern due to the land subsidence after the  earthquake, and
landslides are worried to occur especially in the unstable hillside areas.
(Information at Japan Meteorological Agency and the Mainichi Daily News)

2. Updated informatin about the Great East Japan Earthquake
Three months passed after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the recovery and
reconstruction works are vigorously progressed. Also some  research
institute have conducted the detailed research on the damage of

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Cabinet Office
Public Works Research Institute

3. Information from the IFNet secretariat
IDI-Japan has been developing Global Flood Alert System (GFAS) since 2006.
The GFAS takes rainfall observation data from multiple observation
satellites (as provided by NASA, USA) and provides the information in
graphical form with heavy rain notice based on probability estimate, which
supports flood forecast.
Originally, GFAS was developed by using TRMM-3B42RT rainfall data.
Recently, JAXA has developed a new algorithm of satellite rainfall data,
which is called "GSMaP".
In line with it, GFAS has been improved to utilize GSMap, which enable to
shorten the latency of rainfall data delivery and  provide smaller scale
mesh data.

After the improvement of the new GFAS, we have added rainfall maps of about
60 countries and river basin maps.

We are waiting for your participation on this project and opinions/comments
about GFAS.

GFAS Homepage

new GFAS Homepage (under improving)

TRMM Homepage (NASA)

GSMaP Homepage (JAXA)

IFNet is an open network, purpose of the activities is to share experiences
and information on flood issues.
We look forward to your active participation and flood related information
to be shared among participants.
Please email to the IFNet secretariat for contact.

Tokyo, Japan
June 2011

Please check GFAS page:

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