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August  01, 2007 / IFNet secretariat


Follow-Up China flood : Floods cause more death

The floods caused by continuous torrential rain since mid-June have
affected millions of people as the rainy season coupled with fierce floods
continues to batter central Huaihe river and southern China. Millions of
people stretched across 24 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
have been lashed by torrential rains and floods.

The situations got worsen, with expected thunderstorms and strong winds
raised the risk of mountain torrents, landslides and mudflows.

Heavy rains are continuing such as
- Southern China since 31 May
- Hubei, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing municipality since 15 June
- Huaihe river valley since 28 June

Rainfall broke the record one after another 266.6mm rainfall between
Monday (16th) night to Tuesday (17th) afternoon at Chongqing,
An average 63.2mm rainfall between 6:00p.m. Monday (16th) to 11:00a.m.
Tuesday (17th) at the regional capital Urumqi.

The China Meteorological Station forecast Sunday (15th) heavy rain for the
next three days in East part of Northwest China, Sichuan basin, Northeast
part of Nei Mongol, and next ten days in the Huaihe River valley, the middle
and lower reaches of Yangtze River and
Yunnan-Kweichow Plateau.

2. NUMBER OF VICTIMS (as of July 12, 2007)
    Dead : 403 people
    Missing : 105 people
    Relocated : 3.17 million people
    Affected : 82 million people

   Economic Loses : 31.9 billion Yuan (about 667 million US dollars)

The followings are brief description :
-7 provinces along Huaihe Rive and Yangtze River
     (Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi)
       Dead 131 people
       Missing 31 people
       Affected 35.8 million people
       Collapsed house 500,000   (by 11 Jul)
-Anhui  Dead 30 people
            Affected 15 million people  (by 17 Jul)
-Hubei   Dead 30 people
             Missing 9 people
             Evacuate 3.5 million people
             Ruined farmland 206,900 ha
             Collapsed house 12,800
             Affected 5.5 million people  (by 15 Jul)
-Hunan  Dead 49 people
    Missing 42 people

             Evacuate 200,000 people  (by 4 Jun)
-Henan  Evacuate 331,000 people
              Affected 4.3 million people (by 15 Jul)
-Yunnan  Dead 54 people
               Affected 8 million (by 15 Jul)
-Guizhou  Dead 60 people
               Affected 3.05 million people (by 18 Jul)
-Sichuan  Dead 37 people
               Missing 37 people
               Evacuate 428,000 people
               Affected 7.2 million people (by 11 Jul)
(Chongqing municipality)
Following numbers are included numbers for Sichuan province :
        Dead 10 people
       Missing 5 people
       Injured 128 people
       Evacuate 113,100 people
       Affected 2.72 million people
       Ruined farmland 118,060 ha
       Collapsed house more than10, 000 (by 17 Jul)
(Source : Xinhua, China Radio International)

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