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July 07, 2007 / IFNet secretariat


Monsoon caused heavy rains and flash flood in India

Sunday 1 July, 2007

Since the onset of the monsoon season this year, heavy rains and floods in India's southern, central and western regions have claimed at least 200 lives. During past 24 hrs (IST) 90.50 mm of rainfall was received in 4 districts (Bharuch, Surendranagar, parts of Vadodara City and Surat including Padra, Sankheda, Karjan Talukas)

Monsoon rains claimed at least 16 lives in Gujarat on Monday (1st Jul) taking the statewide death toll to 63. Most victims lost their lives in incidents of lightning, landslides or being swept away by rivers as the rains continued to wreak havoc in the state's southern regions.

- According to officials, road and rail traffic has been disrupted as rainwater inundated highways and railway tracks at several places in the affected districts.

- Television reports showed several of the state's main highways and acres of agricultural land submerged under water.

- At least 23 small and medium dams are overflowing due to heavy rains in catchment area.
- 23,367 persons have been evacuated through 2 army boasts and helicopters.
- Official sources said 6,616 people were moved to safer places in Bharuch district on Monday. Of them, 1,033 are from Padra taluka in Vadodara district followed by 1,000 from Dhandhuka in Ahmedabad district and Mangrol in Surat district.
- 27 relief camps have been opened to house all the evacuees from 9 districts of which 5 camps are in the district of Bharuch.

- Vadodara : 9 people missing

               10 people were swept away by the Orsang river.
            The eastern part of the city was cut off from the western areas after a railway under
               bridge, near the Vadodara railway station, was submerged under four feet of water.
               Also all major roads, a number of housing societies, commercial areas and bus depots
               were submerged under knee-deep water.

- Kuctch: 7 people dead
            7 people missing
- Ahmedabad : More than 2,500 people from Dhanduka have been shifted to high land areas as
                       heavy rains lashed the taluka on Monday (1st Jul).

- South Parganas : 6 people dead when their hut collapsed under heavy rains.
- Bhavnagar : 1,200 people have been shifted to safer areas.
- Bharuch : 175 people of Vilayat village of Vagra taluka (Bharuch) have been shifted to safe shelters.

4. NUMBER OF VICTIMS  (as of July 03, 2007)
        Dead : 63
       Displaced : 23,367



 According to GFAS, daily precipitation exceeding 5-year return period was observed around Indiafs Gujarat on July 03 (Fig.1).

                                              Fig.1: GFAS Excess area map of 5-year return period precipitation (in red)
                                                                                           July 03, 2007

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