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June 13, 2007 / IFNet secretariat


Floods and landslides triggered by four days of rain in southern China

Wednesday 06 June, 2007

  China's 23 provinces are being affected by incessant heavy rains followed by flooding and    landslides since Wednesday (6th June).
  Nationwide, the heavy rain destroyed 29 reservoirs, 362 embankments, 165 roads and forced
  59   factories to suspend production, and damaged a railway between Meizhou and Shantou
  and more than 1,100 passengers were stranded on Friday.

  The whole province is on alert as the upper reaches of the Xiangjiang River swelled to 106.6
  meters on Friday, 4.6 meters above the warning level and the highest in 20 years.

3. NUMBER OF DEAD AND MISSING PERSON (as of June 12, 2007)
    Dead : 73
     MISSING : 13

    Displaced : 788,000

      3 people have died in rainstorm-triggered landslides and nearly 300,000 people in nine         counties and cities have been affected.
        Storms have destroyed 788 houses and drowned 1,120 hectares of cropland in Guangdong,         causing direct economic losses of nearly 100 million yuan (13 million U.S. dollars).
      The rain affected nearly 500,000 people in 16 counties and destroyed 610 homes. Another
        2 people died in torrential rains that began to lash the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
        on Wednesday.

      7 people died and four others went missing during rainstorms on Friday and Saturday.
       Nearly 20,000 hectares of cropland were flooded and 3,000 houses destroyed.

      3 people were killed in Hunan where more than 1.33 million people were affected, including         75,000 who "had difficulty in getting drinking water in 11 cities and counties.
      Rains damaged more than 57,000 hectares (220 sq miles) of farmland in Hunan and thousands
       of huts and simple homes collapsed or were damaged. Power lines were brought down and
        roads blocked.

      Fujian has been hit by heavy rains and landslides since early this week, 2 people were reported         missing and nearly 400 houses had collapsed.
      7 deaths and nine injuries on Friday in Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture of the Yi nationality        after continuous rainfall on Wednesday and Thursday brought hailstorms, lightening strikes
       and landslides
-Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
      Hailstorms, rainstorms and floods slammed into 6 towns on Thursday.



According to GFAS, daily precipitation exceeding 5-year return period was observed on June 05 in the South part of China (Fig.1).

Fig.1: GFAS Excess area map of 5-year return period precipitation (in red)
June 08, 2007

Please check GFAS page:

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