IFNet Newsletter Vol. 37
October 31, 2006 / IFNet secretariat


NEWS FROM A IFNet PARTICIPANT(August-October, 2006)


1.What's new?
2.IFNet Activity
3.Worst Floods
4.Members activity

1.What's new?
a.Newsletter renewal
As you know, IFNet was established in 3rd World Water Forum in 2003.
We joined many conferences before and tried to recommend our network.
Today, we can make about 400 person network all over the world.
Next, IFNet try to share flood information with each other in this network.

b.IFNet schedule
WMO in Tanzania

ICWFM-2007 in Bangladesh

We will appreciate more information on the conference.

2.IFNet Activity(August-October,2006)
Typhoon Committee WS in Macau
Sential ASIA in Thailand
APWF in philippines

3.Worst Floods
9/27: China/Philippines-Typhoon Xangsane

9/5: Chad/Nigeria
9/19: India/Bangladesh-Bengal Bay storm

8/26: Nepal-western nepal
8/13: Ethiopia-Omo River
8/10: south east Asia-Typhoon Saomai
8/5: Ethiopia-Dechatu River, Dire Dawa
8/4: India-south east, Andhra Pradesh
8/2: China/Philippines-Typhoon Prapiroon

4.Members activity
IFNet want to get paticular activities from the IFNet members and share some of the information which includefrom measrues in advance to flood fighting.
Please send us your paticular activities using the format below.

5.paticular activities

Ex)Under Construction
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