IFNet Newsletter Vol. 27
June 23, 2006 / IFNet secretariat


Any Information on Activities
towards Flood Disasters Reduction Welcomed

Dear everyone,

As we announced in the 2nd general meeting held in Kobe, this January, IFNet is collecting good practices and lessons learned relating to flood disasters reductions, of which information will compose IFNet "Action Report towards Flood Disasters Reduction.


The objectives of the report are:
- to find out the hidden good practices and lessons learned and share them with otherflood disaster inflicted regions,
- to raise awareness the importance of multiple approaches for flood issues tangled with such social factors as poverty, unemployment, uncontrolled urbanization, and so on,
- to serve the promotion of policies for comprehensive flood disaster reduction in each country.


Any kinds of information in any level of central, local, private sectors, NPOs and community in any forms of paper, e-mail, newspaper articles, etc. are welcomed. Examples of the activities are:

a. Measures in normal time:
- flood risk assessment and its publicity,
- device for flood-proofing houses,
- education of flood disaster prevention and preparedness,
- evacuation drill in case of emergency.

b. Measures in emergency:
- flood forecasting and warning with community involvement,
- transmission of flood information,
- quick evacuation of local residents.


3.1 Invitation to IFnet 3rd General Meeting
For the excellent information in the form of papers, the authors will be invited to present their activities at the 3rd IFNet General Meeting in March 2006, which will be held in conjunction with the 4th World Water in Mexico.

3.2 Compensations
For the authors compensations will be provided up to US$ 2,000, depending on the volume and contents and other conditions. If you are interested in the program and want to contribute to flood disasters reduction, please send information in any forms to the IFNet secretariat. Please include at least the following information;

1. country
2. name of river basin
3. your name and institution
4. e-mail address
5. other contact address

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