IFNet Newsletter Vol. 10
January 24.2006 / IFNet secretariat
- Toward Establishment of IFNet -
1. Workshop on the Impact of Floods and Drought (China)
2. Introduction of Water in Rivers Secretariat Staff

1. Workshop on the Impact of Floods and Drought (China)

The Chinese Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) and@the Asian Development Bank(ADB) held a workshop in Beijing from 9 to 11 January 2003 as part of the lead up to the 3rd World Water Forum. The 70 participants came from all over China and, in four sessions, discussed droughts, floods and detention areas. As one of the keynote speakers, Ms N. Yoneda, Coordinator, IFNet Preparatory Unit, made a presentation describing both the plans for the Flood Days that will be held during the Forum and the development of IFNet. The presentation on IFNet made use of brochures, posters and CDs and stressed the plan to establish a global network. It was well received by the participants.

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2. Introduction of Water in Rivers Secretariat Staff
Ryosuke KIKUCHI Director General Caring and daring, reliable, and lovable leader of Water in Rivers Secretariat
(by Iizuka)
Akira SASAKI Deputy Director General A quiet man at first sight, but warm and witty in fact, with a good command of English
(by Kikuchi)

Akihiro SHIMOMURA Senior Coordinator A decent early bird who comes to the office first every morning and has unwavering confidence
(by Sasaki)

Coordinator A "Mother" of the Secretariat, who works nimbly to take care of the practical needs of "her children": the other staff. (by Shimomura)
Sayaka IIZUKA An assistant who has many talents, working like a travel agent, copygirl or web site designer in the Secretariat.
(by Yoneda)

Issued by IFNet Preparatory Unit, "Water in Rivers"
Secretariat e-mail: waterinrivers@idi.or.jp

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