IFNet Newsletter Vol. 2
August 9.2002 / IFNet secretariat

- Toward Establishment of IFNet -
1. Presentation on Workshop of Typhoon Committee in Philippines
2. Posters for Appealing Establishment of IFNet

1. Presentation on Workshop of Typhoon Committee in Philippines
From 22 to 25 July 2002, Workshop on integration of risk analysis and management of waterrelated disasters into development process in the Typhoon Committee area was held in Quezon City, Philippines. This committee aims to promote international cooperation in observation of typhoon and disaster prevention in East Asia frequently suffered by typhoons. To the participants, gWater in Riversh Secretariat explained overview of flood damage in the world and made an presentation about background of establishing International Flood Network (IFNet), objective of establishment, activities of network, qualification of participation, and tentative schedule for WWF3. Besides, we also made a presentation of IFNet through distribution of brochures and display of panels. Participation in Virtual Forum of WWF3 in the website and IFNet logo contest was appealed as well. The participants showed their deep interests in the purpose of network and its activities. Finally, this proposal was well received by the participants. WWF3 Secretariat also explained the contents of forum and schedule for Kyoto in the workshop and distributed the second announcement for participation in WWF3 and poster to appeal sending Water Voice. As a result, Water Voices were gathered from many participants. Typhoon Committee decided participation in WWF3 and implementation of activities in gFlood-related Sessionh chaired by ADB, JICA and MLIT.

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2. IFNet presented its activities and introduced the GFAS at the 4th Mekong Flood Forum
Two kinds of posters are designed for appeling establishment of IFNet. The left one is simple expression of the rapid current of flooded river, but it shows intensity of flood. The right expresses the situation that floods threten our daily life. These will be put and distributed in introducing IFNet on meetings and symposiums.

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